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Mr. Fahim Experience & Cure With Surah Rehman Therapy And Dua By MAST MAST HEALERS


My name is Ahmad Faheem Qasim, in 1992 went broad to study it was almost a year by now then suddenly very abnormal things started to happen, as I would get ready go to college I would start feeling dizzy and would start vomiting and after all this ends a lot more when I used to get out of the house my feet would stick to the floor and jam there, I still remember I stayed at the side path for half an hour and I could not move one step forward and eventually back in the house. It kept on going like this for 4 weeks and getting worse day by day. I went to a lot of doctors there they said there was nothing wrong and I was home sick. The only thing I could do was just drink water. When every I would think of going to collage hell used to break on me and what and what not eventually I had to come back to Pakistan and I still remember for the last 3 to 4 weeks I was only drinking water and no food intake of any kind.
In Lahore I got treated and got some what stable, my condition was not getting into control one day I was ok and the next 4 to 5 days again vomiting and what not. So much so it got impossible for me to move around as one moment I was ok and all of a sudden I would be totally out of control and would have to rush to washroom and then back home and in my room. I went to a lot of doctors allopathic, homeopathic, hakims all but at the most 3 to 5 days I would be better and then again all the worse condition.
I went to a lot of different Pirs and all would say I have different things on me like a complete family of jins on me, a lot of tawaiz have been done on me for my illness and failures and so on. I still remember we went to Umrah and I had special tawaiz for my protection from Lahore to Jaddah Macca , Madina and then back to Lahore and i was so much in that that i was more worried for the tawaizs than Umrah and right after I performed Umrah I rushed to the hotel wore back those as I could not wear the in arham.
My condition was getting worse and worse day by day and it was impossible for me to go out and even sit any where for more than 5 minutes and if I did I used to feel all the world pressure is on me and I would just explode and I used to rush back home and in my room. I became a moving skeleton and the only difference was I had skin on and moving around.
In 1996 we went bankrupt and all our business was gone, all factories were liquidated and even our house was auctioned by the bank and we were on the roads. I still remember it was my daughter’s birthday and I went to a friend of mine and asked him for Rs. 1000 to get a cake for her and that 1000 for me meant priceless. Me my father and my mother we used to request money from different friends to keep ourselves going on with our day to day life.
I was blocked in this condition from 1992 to 2003 and stayed inside my room most of the time and it became my dream to go outside Lahore and i was sure it would stay a dream and never would be the reality in my life again. I got disconnected with the total outer world and would stay in my room most of the time and fighting with Allah what is happening with me. I still remember the day I got so sick that I was fighting with Allah that you cannot give me health for the last 11 years atleast give me death so I am out of this coursing miserable life, as long as I was taking medicines and only my mother cooked food I was ok and the moment I took something else it was again vomiting and what not .
I was so much fed up of everything and tried all treatments medically and spiritually and there was no cure or betterment in me and i was looking for someone to get me to Allah one to one so I could tell Allah what was going with me and i was not getting any help from anywhere.
I did my first MAST MAST HEALERS therapy of dua and Surah Rehman in 2003. I used to do a lot of wasifas and different Qur’an Surah day and night as my treatment and when Sir said we will do dua together and close your eyes imagine you area in front of your Allah who is always with you and with all the love for Allah in your heart call Him by His Name Allah Allah Allah, I was like what I recite Surah Yasin while doing my breakfast and as the Surah would finish i could not take anything more and after that a lot of wasifas and at night daily Surah Taha and other Surahs and by saying Allah 3 times in my heart I would be connected to Allah, but then I said I have tried what not so what is the harm in doing this and I did. That was my first one to one meeting with my Allah for the first time, I could feel I am with Him and He is listening to me and me alone. After dua I felt so much fresh and relaxed as I was reborn and I for the first time after 11 years felt that I am ok and there is nothing wrong with me. Sir told me to listen to Surah Rehman without translation recited by Qari Abdul Basit As Samad for 7 days and after 7 days when you are better give at least Zakat of tongue by telling anyone who you see in pain with this free treatment of Dua and Listening to Surah Rehman as treatment for all and any sort of issues medical or spiritual all will be cured and issues will be settled.
All is the blessing of Allah Al-Mighty, I can never thank Him for blessing me with the connection of Dua and Surah Rehman therapy I am fully cured of all issues and I even go out of Lahore eat where ever I want to and all our old business court cases and settlement with banks has been done and we have started again our business and not begging friends and relatives for our day to day livelihood.
I am very lucky to be blessed with the blessing of Surah Rehman and Dua therapy and also sharing with a lot of people and seeing extraordinary results of improvements in the health medically spiritually mentally financially and still experience every day new and new solutions with this very simple and direct method of Dua and Surah Rehman therapy. Any one who has any kind of problem issue can listen to Surah Rehman without translation in voice of Qari Abdul Basit As Samad for seven days for their issues. Shafa Min Janib Allah. You can download Surah Rehman and also the method how to do dua as well.

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Maryam Masood Cured By Listening Surah Alrehman Therapy


Mariam Masood shared her Surah AL-REHMAN Experience that she was suffering from severe stomach problem. she was unable to digest anything even water.. vomiting , nausea ..all the time.. even medicine was not effecting. Then someone gave to her mother Dr Javed 's number. He asked to me listen Surah AL-REHMAN for consecutive 7 days.. She  listened...after that she felt a kick.. She forgot my ailment.. Rather She start loving it. a new world opened in front of her.. As she always described to us that :

" duniya EHSAS ki duniya. Pyar ki duniya. Mujh main Shaur aya.. it unlocked the locked doors. meri soch positive or wasee hony lag gae. and the most beautiful thing it surrounded me with beautiful people.. i feel lucky that i am the part of Surah.Alrehman.". 
love+love+love=loved .

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Assistant Professor successful Case Studies Related To The Ultimate Remedy The Surah AlRehman Therapy

Dr. Zainab is a qualified MBBS and M.Phil physiology. She worked as a Medical officer in doctor’s hospital and pursues her career as senior demonstrator in Lahore medical and dental college then promoted to Assistant professor in Lahore medical and dental college and currently she is working with central park medical college as a Assistant professor.
Before listening SURAT REHMAN I was lost, dissatisfied and full of hatred and ego. I was not ready to forgive all the persons who hurt me and my parents. I have many gods that where the people around me which I think was controlling my life. I was living in fears and remain disoriented all the time. If any person cries in front of me in pain I never feel his pain and always think of myself first. Sometimes I feel that Allah is not there, and if He is there than He is with all the persons that are against me. Allah doesn’t love me and always give me pain from others. I always see myself as very pious person and everyone else as very dirty. I thought all the time that what I am is because of my efforts and not Allah. I use to recite Quran to fulfill my dreams in front of Allah. I thought that only theory is necessary to pass the exam in front of Allah, practical has no importance at all. Saying Allah I love you SARKAR I love you was enough for me. It was for sure that I was searching for something but what was I searching for remained a big question mark for me till I listened SURAT REHMAN.
After many prayers I got from Allah 1st baby boy. After delivery I went into severe depression, crying all the time so much depressed that I want to suicide.  Life was useless to me. I was afraid all the time so much that it seems impossible for me to stay at home alone. I started hating my own kid and don’t want to touch him or feed him. I used to hate everybody around me. I was feeling myself alone with no one left in the whole world to care for me. As a doctor I knew that I am suffering from post partum psychosis and it’s a rare psychiatric emergency. Due to extreme hatred I also suffered from skin cancer as well.  Everybody said its black magic and you should go for its cure as there is no definite treatment medically. I started searching for persons who can cure me from this black magic. Then my friend told me that if you want cure than listen SURAT REHMAN three times a day for 7 consecutive days with closed eyes. Every time after listening take half a glass of water, close eyes and say ‘’ALLAH’’ thrice in heart and drink in 3 sips. Forgive everybody from heart and love everybody unconditionally. After 7 days all my depression suicidal thoughts and fears vanished. I felt myself so positive, as I was newly born.
Change that occurred in me after listening SURAT REHMAN:-
After I listened SURAT REHMAN my life changed entirely. I was introduced to myself that who I am. Who is SARKAR’s ALLAH.  ‘’ALLAH HE HA’’.  Everything that I have is all because of ALLAH from ALLAH. I was introduced to Allah from a very beautiful angle. Then I practically experienced that how extremely ALLAH loves me. HE was always there for me. HE is on my side always. I was not mazloom but zalim all the time. When I started loving and forgiving people Allah changed my situation give me SAKOON, light, respect, money, babies, home, life and everything. All my worries wash away when Allah makes me admit by heart that there is no GOD but ALLAH. My all fears fly away after listening SURAT REHMAN. This therapy makes me realize that everybody is beautiful and theoretical  I LOVE YOU is not enough we have to show practical I LOVE YOU TO ALLAH. When our every act is only, and purely for HIM.

As working in a medical college I have a lot of interaction with the medical students who are future doctors. They usually suffer from anxiety, depression, psychosis, addiction, unknown fever and vomiting and palpitations. I tell my every student SURAT REHMAN THERAPY and got 99.9% results. These students than practice SURAT REHMAN in their families and lots of patients with incurable diseases like AIDS, HEPATITIS C, Connective tissue disorders, muscular dystrophies and cancer of every type. I felt it practically as a therapy not only curing physical, mental, spiritual illness or black magic but also building the character of a being. 

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Muhammad Ammar successful Case Studies Related To The Ultimate Remedy The Surah AlRehman Therapy

Muhammad Ammar Successfull Case Studies Related To The Ultimate Remedy The Surah AlRehman Therapy

Muhammad Ammar Ali is a wise and  professional person. He is qualified in MSC and specializes in Accounting & Finance. Currently he is working with Allmed group of Companies as a Project Manager. He has a wide experience related to Surah Alrehman Therapy and changed his life at 360 degree.

Experience About Surah  Al-Rehman & Dua(Therapy)  

A Great Impact On My Thoughts With Positivity
The Surah Al Rehman and dua (Therapy)   is really an excellent and flawless remedy for me because I personally cure from this Dua (Therapy) , After listening the Surah Alrehman consecutive 7 days in the voice of qari Abdul basit without translation. I listend it with  close eyes and once I listened I called thrice time ALLAH ALLAH ALLAH in heart and then I feel  change in myself with positive thoughts and humanity.My thought process was entirely changed that I  have to choose the best of best for another person as I liked for myself.  I experience this therapy for my Job and family matters believe all the matters become smooth within no time even some time I feel abundant gratified to Allah for this blessing

Brain Tumor Cured 

I haired about my father’s friend wife she is suffering from brain tumor and at the last stage even during surgery her tumor got bleed and there was no further treatment in allopath and homeopathy I went their home and share the exact way for listening surah Al Rehman therapy she followed as it  is and get cure within 7 days . 

Zahra Zain Successful Case Studies Related To The Ultimate Remedy The Surah AlRehman Therapy

Zahra Zain Successful 
Case Studies Related To The Ultimate Remedy The Surah AlRehman Therapy

Zahra Zain who did her Masters in Computer Engineering, Lahore University of Management Sciences, LUMS, Lahore. Bachelors of Science in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, University of Engineering & Technology, UET, Lahore. By Profession, She is a Consultant , Senior RF /Key Account Manager , LCC Pakistan. Her work Experience is more than 12 years of pure Telecom ( GSM/WCDMA)  experience with hands on almost all Operators in Pakistan i.e. Mobilink, Ufone, Telenor & CMPAK and Multi-Vendor GSM experience for Motorala, Alcatel,Nortel,Huawei, Ericcsson, NSN ( Nokia & Siemens) with ability to perform and deliver under immense pressure situations and accurate troubleshooting and resource handling and training.  

Mast Mast Healers  Joining : (19 November 2011 – To Date  5 Plus Years)

Gain from Surah Rehman Therapy : Dr Muhammad Javed was the gift from the therapy who inspired complete submission to the Almighty, Unconditional love for all humans be they your friends and enemies and washed hatred, prejudice, bias, jealousy, greed from our hearts.

Successful Cases.
Autoimmune diseases cured large number of multiple sclerosis patients got cured.

Many patients from Autoimmune disease like multiple sclerosis and other critical ones got cured.I was myself suffering from autoimmune disease in which there is no cure expect taking steroids due to actual internal swelling of body organs. After DUA i got healed and since 5/6 years I have not taken a single medicine patients of autoimmune diseases who have done this therapy have reported 99-100% healing after doing 
DUA for first time.

Congenital Anomalies cured
 My colleague and best friend Ayesha who is also a very competent RF engineer in Australia initially tried this therapy for positivity. Later she got married and had a son who could not speak. She was consulting various speech therapist in Australia . On phone I made her do Dua and applied the disconnect procedure for mother and baby on phone. The child is now speaking and going to school.

Thursday, 22 December 2016



آپ اس زمین و کائنات میں اللہ کے نائب ہیں ۔۔
تو آپ اللہ کے ترجمان ھوئے ۔۔
پس آپ اللہ کی ترجمانی کیسی کر رہے ہیں ؟
اپنے اردگرد اپنے گھر دفتر والوں سے کیا سلوک کرتے ہیں ؟
کھانے والے ہیں یا کھلانے والے ؟
لینے والے ہیں یا دینے والے ؟
مخلوق _خدا کیڑے مکوڑوں پودوں درختوں سے لے کر چاند سورج تک آپ کے خادم ہیں ۔۔ ہر وقت ہر دم ۔۔ تو بحیثیت بادشاہ یا آقا کے آپ ان خدام کو کیا اجرت دے رہے ہیں ؟
کبھی سورج کا شکریہ ادا کیا ؟ یا اسے پانی تک ہی کبھی پوچھا ؟
کیڑی کو بے دریغ پاوں تلے کچلنے سے قبل کبھی پوچھا آخر تو میرے گھر میں کیوں ھے میرے کس کام کی ھے ؟ میرا کیا فائدہ خاموشی سے کرتی رہتی ھے ؟ تو میں تیرا حق کیسے ادا کروں ؟
پر کتھوں ۔۔۔۔۔؟ اتنی فرصت کسے ؟
بے حس بادشاہ خود غلام ھے اپنی خواہشات کا